Personal Safety Awareness Training

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6th October 2016
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7th September 2016
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Personal Safety Awareness Training

Personal Safety Training

The Risks

We live in an ever growing dangerous and violent world. Situations and dangers can arise at any time and you there’s always a possibility that you may need to defend yourself from robbery, burglary or physical harm.Personal Safety By learning how to protect yourself you can reduce the chances of being a helpless victim. By applying simple safety preventative measures, you will greatly reduce the risks and ensure that you are less vulnerable to becoming a victim.

The course covers – Aggression handling, being safe in your home, travelling safely, taking care in the car, walking the dog, safety for students, being safe on a night out, simple self-defence tactics, aspects of the legal implications.


Personal Safety Awareness is a mind-set that can be enhanced in the individual. This is achieved by presenting the training in a manner that is realistic and workplace relevant. Scenarios and examples will always fit situations that participants can relate to. This is achieved through the experience and background of the trainer enabling participants to own their training.

Situational Awareness

It is the intention of SM&RT Circles ltd to equip every person who attends one of our seminars to be in a position to deal with circumstances that may be experienced and might be detrimental to their health or wellbeing. Our opinion is that it is incumbent on all of us to take reasonable precautions to ensure that we are not attacked, whether this is in the street, at home, on holiday, at work, in a pub, bar or club.

Cost £20 per person. For group costs contact SM&RT CIRCLES Ltd

This course is written to awarding body standard and BTEC certification is available on request